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As many of you know, our gallery space on Chelsea’s West 24th Street has recently been flooded and we were forced to vacate the location. In lieu of mounting physical exhibitions, we will be presenting bi-weekly online shows sent directly to your inbox.  Every Monday we will send a selection of images culled from the gallery’s archive, highlighting a theme or a visual concept. In addition, our social media platforms will be updated with daily posts expanding on each of the selected artworks.
This week’s selection is inspired by the sheer circumstances that brought the need of an online exhibition-- water. While water may hold an array of meanings, the group of works brought to you this week attempts to avoid a symbolic interpretation, and to invoke -- through a quiet ripple-- ideas on power, boundaries and solitude.
We hope you enjoy the works we have chosen to share with you this week, and that you will continue following the gallery’s work through this transitional time!
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