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Meislin Projects works with individuals and corporations to create unique and cohesive collections of the art of our time.  While the global art market includes tens of thousands of art galleries and over a million artists, Meislin Projects focuses on a small fraction of these artists: those who are developing a visual sensibility that contributes compellingly to visual culture today. Among them are artists who probe pressing cultural, social, and aesthetic questions through a wide range of expression, from contemplative and reflective to provocative and challenging.

In the latest evolution of Andrea Meislin’s distinguished career, Meislin Projects synthesizes her work as a curator, museum-affiliated independent research associate, gallerist, and a project developer who collaborated on dozens of private and public commissions on behalf of artists she nurtured and brought to international recognition for over 20 years.

Andrea Meislin Gallery was established in 2004 in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. The gallery introduced to New York leading Israeli artists as well as presented important international artists. Through her efforts, works by dozens of the artists she represented were acquired by museums both in the U.S. and Europe, from the Israel Museum to the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Artists she championed were also featured in multiple international museum exhibitions. Beyond the fine arts, the gallery also presented documentary and historical photographs about or from Israel.

Meislin Projects was established in 2016 to present, support, and promote the work of a distinguished group of international artists in various stages of their careers. Through collaboration with museum curators and public art agencies, many ambitious projects were successfully organized and commissioned.


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