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We are pleased to share with you the second iteration of our online exhibition series, with this week’s selection borrowing inspiration from the genre of noir fiction.
Similar to its cinematic counterpart, the genre of noir literature is largely categorized by an atmosphere of uncanny suspense; darkness; bold shadows; moral ambiguity; seduction and incredible allure. An ambience of desolation and despair, coupled with opaque dubiousness and a tint of paranoia, create a rhythm and feel unique to the genre. While the nature of noir narratives cloaks violence, misogyny and crime, it exudes mysteriousness and undeniable sex appeal that render it tempting and irresistible.
With this ambience in mind, we have curated a selection of works from the gallery’s archive that visually embody the elements of noir literature. Many of them possess questionable narratives or unresolved scenes. Through the lens of noir and its descriptive elements, we hope you can imagine your own stories about these works and inspire new, noir-esque interpretations.  


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